Bar Studies Inspiration

Daily Christian Devotions for Bar Marathon from Start to Finish 

   by Ida Tyree Hyche

Many professions have robust exams. But taking the Bar Exam seems to be one of the most stressful times in a person’s life, occasionally causing physical ailment or emotional breakdown. Our relationship with God can carry us through hectic, nerve-wracking circumstances. We merely have to ask, believe, and receive. This book is a daily motivational devotion for Bar Exam study. Begin your Bar study marathon with day one of your study session, and end on day two or three of your Bar Exam as you finish your final lap. I trust this book will provide three to five minutes of quiet time with God per day, to calm and refresh your heart and mind with the strength to endure your Bar study marathon.

Greetings! I wanted to share how special this book is to me. A friend was reading it during prep and I began reading it about 3 weeks in. It was an unbelievable blessing to me. I embraced every word on the page everyday. It was always right where I seemed to be on the journey. So thank you, I passed the bar!!!!
— Latrice E. Thomas

This is an outstanding book! It is helpful not only to those who are preparing for bar exams but exams in other professions as well. I envision this book as being a blessing also to students who are preparing for all types of certifications! This work is very inspirational and practical
— Delanyard (Amazon Shopper)

I failed my last Bar exam by a few points and I am so anxious about taking it in July. I stumbled across this book and ordered it because I want the inspired strength of scripture to conquer my fear and increase my motivation. It has day by day devotions that will take me through the bar exam days and the day after. I am impressed!
— Adrian (Amazon shopper)