Sampling: Top Considerations for Music Makers

Sampling: Top Considerations for Music Makers

As any Hip-Hop lover is aware, sampling is a huge part of hip-hop production and has been this way since many of us can remember. Many producers and artists love the soulful sound that sampling creates. Additionally, to some, sampling has become a way to pay homage to art that was created in a different time period. For those reasons, I am often asked many questions from producers and artists about sampling. The purpose of this blog is to provide some clarity for the creators out there that love and appreciate the art of sampling.

Attorney Ida Tyree Hyche Named to Birmingham Magazine's Top Attorneys 2017

Tyree Hyche & Dixon LLC is pleased to announce that Attorney Ida Tyree Hyche has been selected as a 2017 Top Attorney by the Birmingham Magazine. Ida is featured in the magazine's April 2017 issue and was selected for being a top Workers' Compensation attorney.

Birmingham Magazine conducted its eighth annual peer-reviewed survey, asking more than 4,000 local attorneys registered with the Birmingham Bar Association for their nominations for the area’s top lawyers in 35 practice areas. 

Congrats Attorney Tyree! 

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Stay Inspired!

This quote really spoke to me! Being a creative and/or entrepreneur can be really tough at times. For this reason, you need to constantly be inspired. Inspiration can come in many forms -- life, a good speech, hearing someone else's story, etc. It's important to not just let inspiration come to you but to seek it out as well. Who or what is currently inspiring you?!!!

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Partner, Ida Tyree Hyche, on Alabama Access to Justice Commission’s 2015 Pro Bono Exemplar List

Attorney Tyree Pro Bono list

Every year, the Alabama Access to Justice Commission recognizes those attorneys who have demonstrated outstanding commitment to volunteer legal services for the low income residents of Alabama. Each of the attorneys on the list provided 50 or more hours of pro bono service to those who could not otherwise afford it in 2014. As stated in the press release, this benevolent act shows their dedication to furthering the integrity of the practice of law and stands as an example of what all lawyers should strive to achieve.

Attorney Tyree is living out the SERVICE in our motto Justice. Service. Innovation. Congratulations!!

See the entire list on the Alabama Access to Justice Commission’s website.

INDIE FILMMAKERS: What You Need To Know About Putting Music In Your Film

INDIE FILMMAKERS: What You Need To Know About Putting Music In Your Film

In today’s age, there are a growing number of people creating independent films. With the success of YouTube, and other streaming services alike, many are making short films and webisodes as a way to build their portfolio and client base. When I talk to first time filmmakers, they are obviously aware of all of the technical aspects of making a film…i.e. filming, editing, etc. However, many are typically unaware of the legal side of filmmaking. While there are many legal aspects to consider when producing a film, this blog post primarily focuses on the legal considerations regarding the inclusion of music in your independent film.

Protecting Your ART vs. Protecting Your BRAND

Protecting Your ART vs. Protecting Your BRAND

I often talk to artists and others in the music space about the importance of protecting their intellectual property and one of things that I find is that there is often confusion surrounding what a copyright protects vs. what a trademark protects. Thus, the purpose of this blog is to explain the basics of what a copyright and trademark protect.