Tyree Hyche & Dixon, LLC is committed to safeguarding, commercializing and enforcing the rights and interests of our clients from the launch of a brand mark or copyright, throughout its duration.  Our trademark and copyright practice is focused on real-world, business-oriented advice, helping identify incorporeal brand assets essential to your business and keeping those assets safe while leaving a lasting impression on the marketplace.  Our attorneys stand ready to represent you in all types of trademark and copyright matters.  Focusing on the goals of our clients’ businesses and possibilities for expansion, we provide analysis and offer advice on all the future possibilities of your brand and what it may become. From trademark selection and clearance to due diligence and licensing, our intellectual property attorneys are ready and willing to assist you in all areas. 

Let Us Protect Your Brand


Trademark Analysis and Search

We analyze the strength of your mark and provide a comprehensive trademark to access if there are any conflicting registered or common law trademarks.


Trademark Registration

A trademark registration provides significant protection for your brand. It prevents others from using a trademark that is confusing with your mark.


Trademark Office Actions

We assist you with responding to Office Actions sent by the United States Patent & Trademark Office.


Trademark Maintenance and Monitoring

We assist you with properly maintaining your trademark. We also offer a service to monitor the trademark database to alert you if someone attempts to register a mark that could jeopardize your registration.

In addition to the above listed services, Tyree Hyche & Dixon, LLC assists brand owners with trademark cease and desist letters, trademark assignments, trademark licensing, etc.

Let Us Protect What You Create


Copyright Registration

While you own the copyright to your work as soon as you create your art, the copyright is unenforceable against infringement until it is registered with the United States Copyright Office. We assist you through the entire registration process.

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Copyright Infringement

We assist you with copyright cease and desist letters and the pursuit or defense of an infringement claim.


Copyright Licensing

We assist you with licensing your work for collaborating with other brands and companies.