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— Brian B-Flat Cook

“No matter the severity of the issue at hand, Shade’ and Tyree Hyche & Dixon has been right there for me for quite some time. They’ve given personal attention to each of my needs & I’ve been blessed by this. Having a small business and being a musician/creative, it’s been very important that legalities were cemented in good timing before embarking upon ventures – & they’ve done this for me. I recommend them to anyone in need!”

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— Herbert Brown

“Our family was in the midst of a probate storm in 2014. Attorney Ida stepped in and literally calmed the waters. We were able to proceed step by step in an orderly fashion, free from hassle, toward our destination of a fair and equitable settlement. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of a compassionate, honest and competent lawyer. She is indeed a leader among leaders.”


— Karen Butler

“Tyree Hyche & Dixon has handled some of our trademark work, and they are thorough! They resolved an issue for us in a quick manner and professional manner.”


—Tee Mott

"Great ideas need great protection! With Tyree Hyche & Dixon, LLC. we put that foundation in place with trademarking the biggest name in aviation. Now, all we have to do is continue to grow a phenomenal company. I look forward to our next venture, Thank you Shade’ and Team!"


— Kim Grant

“I recommend Tyree Hyche & Dixon to assist you with your Entertainment Law needs. Shade’ Dixon is a very knowledgeable and compassionate entertainment lawyer. She goes over and above to help those starting their careers in the Entertainment/Film industry. I was a new Independent Filmmaker and Shade’ put her legal expertise into action and drafted a contract for me that relieved me of the stress and headache. If you need a personal touch from a lawyer that can think outside the box and puts their clients’ best interests first, Tyree Hyche & Dixon LLC is the firm for you!”


— Rahji “R3 Goham” Reed

"I recommend Shade' for any entertainment business inquires, she wrote my contract for my music business. I had little understanding of how to use the contract seeing as though my clients communicate virtually through social media and email. Shade' took the time to explain to me the different ways I could send my contracts to clients and have them use an e-signature. She explained the terms of the contract in a way where I could understand and she even provided options to edit the contract for different scenarios. She provided additional information and examples until I fully understood the terms of the contract. After the consultation I felt empowered and more confident about the legal protection of my business."


— Antoine Perrier

“On behalf of New Beginning AME Church, I would like to say thank you to Attorney Ida. Your development and execution of the Commercial lease and User agreement for the property owned by our organization served the needs of all parties involved. The skills, professionalism and knowledge of property research, property management and knowledge of the laws governing Commercial property in accordance State, City and municipalities has enhanced our organization in proper management of our duties as owners of property and Lessors. You and your firm has earned our trust in leadership and the execution of actions administered on our behalf. We are proud to add you and your firm to the list of trusted organization which can be recommended for your services to organizations, family, friends and colleague’s. May God continue to bless you, your organization and families. ”


— Michael Robertson

"I had the idea to start a nonprofit 3 years ago. I didn’t know where to start or how much work I would have to put in. Two years later I was in the exact same spot. I didn’t know what to do. A good friend of mines suggested I go with Tyree Hyche & Dixon. I didn’t understand would help me with my foundation. But I contacted them and it has been a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I practically didn’t have to lift a finger. There is nothing this firm don’t know about creating a foundation. From CPA’s, a person who handles your finances, to contacts with website designers. They cover everything!!!! Now when I attend meetings I am fully prepared and confident. I am able to help hundreds of kids in my area and out of state thanks to Shade and her team. Just the fact of having a Law firm behind me to make sure my “I’s” are dotted and my “T’s” are crossed is a huge weight lifted of my shoulders. This allows me to just concentrate on what I do best. GET KIDS TO COLLEGE. IVPM want to thank you Mrs Shade’ and your team at Tyree Hyche and Dixon.”


— Drew Church

"I recommend Shade’ to anyone who's looking for any type of legal services because her work speaks for itself. She created a contract for a client I worked with that was very clean and professional, in a timely manner. I plan on using Shade's services again."


— Tiffany Garner

"Shade' Dixon is an excellent Attorney. I requested her services to create a management contract for a client, and she went above and beyond to ensure our needs were met. She handled the matter in a timely manner and everyone involved was highly pleased with her work. My client is still raving about the outstanding job and professionalism of Attorney Shade' Dixon. Thank you Shade' and Tyree Hyche & Dixon, LLC, for doing great work for my clients and others throughout the community."


— Dei Tafari

"Shade' helped establish my previous clothing company's LLC in 2015. I was 16 years old with little funds as an entrepreneur and Shade' was still determined to help. Since then she has served as a mentor in many ways as well as always being there to give legal advice in all business aspects."