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Workplace accidents occur everyday.  They may result from reckless or negligent behavior, intentional misconduct, unsafe workplace conditions, or repetitive traumatic injuries.  We understand that some of these accidents result from conditions outside the employee’s control and they may be eligible for workers’ compensation. Our firm specializes in representing our clients in the following instances: Catastrophic Workplace Injuries, Construction Site Accidents, Slip and Fall Accidents, Fatal Workplace Accidents and Workers’ Compensation Appeal. 



Our firm’s Probate & Estate administration practice focuses on representing the estate in every step of the process from preparing and filing the petition to probate the will, obtaining letters of testamentary and/or letters of administration, identifying and distributing the assets of the estate, and closing the estate.  We will prepare the necessary legal documents to insure that your assets pass to the heirs of your choice upon death including wills and trusts, living wills/advance health care directives and powers of attorney.



We are committed to safeguarding, commercializing and enforcing the rights and interests of our clients from the launch of a brand mark or copyright, throughout its duration.  Our trademark and copyright practice is focused on real-world, business-oriented advice, helping identify incorporeal brand assets essential to your business and keeping those assets safe while leaving a lasting impression on the marketplace.  Our attorneys stand ready to represent you in all types of trademark and copyright matters.   

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We help you turn your business goals and dreams into reality.  Many of our clients retain us to provide a wide range of legal services during all stages of their business endeavors.  We advise on the formation of a business as we help you select a suitable structure that facilitates the growth of your organization.  It is crucial for the ongoing success of a business to properly define the parameters of the relationships between shareholders, directors and business partners. To avoid future disputes, we can guide you through all corporate governance related matters from your company’s inception. 

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We provide a broad range of legal services to clients involved in the creation, production and management of creative works. The firm focuses in entertainment law and understands the special needs of the entertainment industry, including copyright law, music publishing, record label agreements, media and general business matters. Our services include contract drafting and negotiation, business formation and consulting, career development and strategy, and more.

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Our firm's bankruptcy representation includes advice on all aspects of personal and business Chapter 7 proceedings. We assist our clients with fully evaluating the risks, benefits, challenges and opportunities available in restructuring proceedings, whether in bankruptcy court or in negotiation.