Tyree Hyche & Dixon, LLC provides a broad range of legal services to clients involved in the creation, production and management of creative works. The firm focuses in entertainment law and understands the special needs of the entertainment industry, including copyright law, music publishing, record label agreements, media and general business matters. Our services include contract drafting and negotiation (film/TV agreements, producer agreements, music publishing agreements, recording agreements, management agreements and more), business formation and consulting (entity formation, operating agreements, trademark and copyright management and more), career development and strategy, and more.

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We assist artists, musicians, producers, managers, independent record label owners, etc. with the legal side of their business/career. This includes the review, draft or negotiation of recording agreements, management agreements, publishing deals, master use & sync license agreements, producer agreements and more.

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We assist production companies, screenwriters, directors, composers, etc with the legal matters relating to the production and release of their film/show. This includes entity formations, crew & talent agreements, composer agreements, music clearances, assistance with errors & omissions insurance applications, etc.


Other Creative Arts

In addition to those working in the music and tv/film space, we service other creative professionals, such as photographers, social media influencers, visual artists, dancers, authors, etc.